Consumer Goods: Personal Care & Medical Devices 

Since the commencement of trading, CNDB has exported South African manufactured personal care and medical devices to West Africa.

We conduct extensive market research, identify reputable and effective local distribution partners, develop long term relationships and invest in brand development in the new markets. We work towards improving supply chain efficiencies, order consistency and growth with our suppliers, and collaborate with our customers on working capital management and enhancing market competitiveness.    

We deliver a quality product to our end consumers and register the brands with local quality standards authorities.     

Our long term vision entails:

  • meeting consumer requirements (product quality, price point and efficacy),
  • achieving an optimal and relevant mix of third party and proprietary brands,
  • sustainably developing brands with a long term focus, and
  • achieving full coverage of the key urban clusters on the continent.

Please contact Khetiwe Tshabalala with any enquiries: 

Agricultural Commodities 

During 2016 CNDB diversified into trading select SAFEX listed and unlisted products, including (and not limited to) maize, wheat, sunflower, soya, hominy chop, lucerene, sorghum, maize meal, herbs, spices and seasonings, edible oils, oil cakes, pulses and livestock. 

Subject to clients’ requirements, and market supply and demand dynamics, we can source product locally or import, arrange the logistics and deliver directly to premises. Present and potential customers include leading food manufacturers, animal feed manufacturers and others. Relationships, price, quality and reliability are the primary focus. 

We source only from reputable and quality suppliers, and where required could provide the relevant quality standards certifications (eg V registration certificate, registration under Act 36 of 1947, SSF classification etc). We seek to secure supply stock (volumes, quality and pricing basis) through strategic long term supply relationships with farmers, silo owners, millers, crushers and other suppliers in order to ensure reliable delivery.

We have relationships with some of the the leading logistics operators and cargo insurers.

Please contact Tumelo Moletsane with any enquiries:

Logistics & Other Services 

We have arranged for: 

  • Bulk (FCL& LCL) sea, air & road freight transport, exports & imports
  • Local distribution (partners with nationwide warehouse footprint and delivery fleet) 
  • Foreign quality standards authority registration
  • Pre-shipment inspection, certificates of analysis and certificate of origin
  • Hazardous goods shipment 
  • LC payments 

Please contact Khetiwe Tshabalala with any enquiries: 



Khetiwe Tshabalala

Khetiwe has over 16 years experience in private equity, corporate finance, leveraged finance and corporate credit with international investment banks and financial institutions. Master’s Degree, International Finance & Business, (Columbia University, NY) and a Bachelor of Commerce Degree (Bcom) (University of the Witwatersrand). 

Lydia Rodrigues 

Lydia has over 25 years professional working experience with an American industrial multinational, SA telecoms SOE, SA financial services and other. She has founded and operated a Food Services Business. 


Tumelo Moletsane
Tumelo founded a commodities trading start-up which has traded in specific metals, agricultural soft commodities (maize, sorghum and rice), shea butter as well as other bulk products. Prior to this, Tumelo spent six years as a listed equities trader at a global Securities firm. His financial services experience also entailed internship roles at various investment banks . B.Com degree at Rhodes University.
Papiso Motsomi 
Papiso has a wealth of experience in the area of food regulation, having served in the Ministry/ Departments of Agriculture and Health, and the Consumer Goods Council of South Africa. She has lectured at Universities, and is a trainer in Food Safety Management Systems particularly ISO 22 000:2018. PhD Food Science and Technology, and a Management Advanced Programme through Wits Business School. 




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